Caohejing Modern Service Complex

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Caohejing Modern Service Complex

Caohejing Modern Service Complex is located at the center of the Park, bounded on the east by Middle Ring Road Hongmei section, south by Caobao road, west by Gumei road and north by Yishan road. The complex covers an area of 230,000 sq.m, on which 800,000 sq.m of buildings will be constructed to provide hi-tech R&D offices, hotel apartments, SOHO, commercial services and other supplementary facilities.

The complex was launched on December 21, 2005. It was also the first modern service complex of its kind launched in Shanghai.

As the Park’s key project in the next five years, the complex aims to build up four platforms for developing headquarters economy, R&D, innovation & incubation, and comprehensive services, in accordance with the requirements of internationalization, high-tech and ecotype. Efforts will be made to build a high value-added “harbor” of service sector, combining the features of both modern complex construction and hi-tech-oriented services.


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