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Innovation Center

I. General Introduction

Approved by the Shanghai Municipal Government, Shanghai Caohejing Hi-tech Park Innovation Center (the “Caohejing Innovation Center”) was solely invested and run by Shanghai Caohejing Hi-tech Park Development Corp. Caohejing Innovation Center has the experience for incubating the technology enterprises with being operated more than ten years. By using the whole park’s resources and the internet system, it gave the service for the new established enterprises which have the bright future.

Now Caohejing Innovation Center has been recognized as “State-level Innovation Center” and “Model Incubator” by the Science &Technology(S&T) Ministry of China; “International Business Incubator” by the S&T Ministry of China and UNDP; “Shanghai New Hi-tech Enterprise” and “Advanced Technology Achievements Transformation Base in Shanghai” as well as “Shanghai Innovation Park for Returned Scholars” by Shanghai Municipal Government. Caoheing Innovation Center is the first business incubator in China to have received the certificate of ISO9001 quality system. Currently, it boasts a total floor area of 29,000m2 and 65 million RMB registered capital.

From 1989, 322 technology-intensive enterprises have graduated from Caohejing Innovation Center. The success rate amounts to 90.4% during the three years.

II. Development Process

The First Generation (1989-1994).
By expropriating the land of farmhouse, the first generation incubator named as “Technology Villa I and Technology Villa II” were established by Caohejing Hi-tech Park Development Corp with the aim at commercialization of the technological achievements.

The Second Generation (1994-1997)
By using the standard workshop, the second generation incubator named as Shanghai Technology Innovation Company was established with an area of 2900m2. The total area was divided into different incubator cell. Every incubator cell is about 60 to 100m2 which was called classic incubator.

The Third Generation (1997-2002)
By constructing the incubation center building, the third generation incubator named as Shanghai Caohejing Hi-tech Park innovation incubator center was established with getting the award of “international business incubator”. In 2000, it received the certificate of ISO9002 international quality system. The third generation incubator was known as its internationalization and standardization.

The fourth generation (2002-2007)
The fourth generation incubator has three incubator bases. The total area is about 2900m2. In order to completing the construction of systematization, standardization, regionalization, internationalization, the fourth generation incubator set up six platform for agency service, venture capital, expert consultant, policy service, technical service and information service. This is the main character of the fourth generation incubator.

With the development of Caohejing Innovation Center, the area of the incubator added to 2400m2. And with the international cooperation, its aim is to be a special incubator. Currently, the branch of Caohejing Hi-tech Park, Pujiang Hi-tech Park was built up. This is the fifth generation incubator which is known as special incubator group.

III. The function of innovation center’s service

As an important base for promoting technological innovation and application of new technology, Caohejing innovation center lays stress on the commercialization of technological achievements, the market-oriented commodities and the competitiveness in the world market. It has created very favorable environment for the growth of enterprises in respect of business operations, technology, human resources, capital, information and marketing, and provided complete, standard, efficient and quality services for incubates in the entire process of entering, cultivating and graduating. After years’ operation, the Center has formed a service system for start-ups as follows:

1. the function of basic service: lease of houses, deal with the business affairs, real estate management, other logistic support, etc.

2. the function of management service: cognizance and reexamine the Hi-tech enterprises, declaration for the innovation fund program, declaration for the commercialization of Hi-tech achievements, appraise for new product, declaration for new product plan, cognizance software company, declaration for the integrate circuit company, declaration for the technology innovation program, diagnosis of enterprise, harmonize the relationship between the government and the company, carry out all kinds of preferential policies, etc.

3. the function of technical service: set up the platform for wide brand, build the fabrication center, construct the network for technical expert consultation, hold the meeting for technological exchange and technical expertise, etc.

4. the function for marketing service: organize the enterprises and their product exhibition, hold the meeting for product exchange, agitprop the enterprise by the media, organize the enterprise salon, establish the cooperation between the international and national enterprises, help the enterprise to make the market research and the market plan, etc.

5. the function for training service: special technical training, management training, marketing training, policy training, finance training , tax training, quality system certificate training, foreign language training, computer training, international training, etc.

6. the function for financing service: providing seed fund and venture capital to promising incubates, helping enterprises find chances to get loan, and loan guarantees, merge or go public.