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Successful Cases

1. Shanghai Gaozhi Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Registered time: Jul. 1992
Registered capital: 10 million RMB
Major achievements:

---- Participation in the satellite communication network construction for the Shanghai Stock Exchange, establishing, up till now, the biggest one-way computerized digital broadcast system in China.
---- Research and completion of satellite transmission system of newspaper layout, enlarging the effect of Shanghai newspapers over China and abroad.
---- Full play of the digital satellite news gathering truck designed by Gaozhi in the live telecast activities of STV and OTV in recent years. This achievement can be used in on-the-spot live telecast of important social activities of the TV units.
---- The president, Liu Xingkai was selected to be the model labor and great constructor by the Shanghai municipal government. And he was also regarded to be the excellent work in Xujiahui District from 2001 to 2003.
---- Many programs had the honor of the national important new product and get the award of Hi-tech achievements commercialization.

2. Newave Semiconductor Corp.

Registered time: Sept 1997
Registered capital: 2 million $
Main introduction:

---- The company jointly was established by returned scholars of the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan by introducing international venture capital. It mainly engaged in the R&D and sales of IC products.
---- The gross sales is about 24.563 million RMB in 2001. It was successfully developed a series of IC products at the international skill level. First company in China to export IC products to developed countries. Now it got a stable customer group, including the Panasonic, Casio, Ricoh, Bell, ZTE and Datang.
---- The company was acquired by IDT, a well-known company in the Silicon Valley, with 85 million USD in April 2001. This deal was ranked China’s top 10 mergers in 2001.

3.Montage Technology, (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.>

Registered time: Jun 2004
Registered capital: 1 million $ (2 million $ in 2005)
Main introduction:

---- The company was established by returned scholars of America. It mainly engaged in the R&D of IC chips. It belongs to the IC products under 0.25 microns.
---- The president, Yang Chonghe has successfully established the Newave Semiconductor Corp. It has the great honor in IC products field.
---- Montage was a chip designing technological company. There are two main products. One is used for the new server cache memory chip(AMB); the other is used for the chip that is received the signal for the digital television.
----In the digital family field, Montage was the first one for innovate the digital television modem chip and modem chip by using the 130 nm CMOS technology. By reached the world skill level, the two kinds of products had a good opinion in the market.
----Montage aspires to become the industry leader in innovating the highest performance mixed-signal processing and RF technologies that enable new applications in digital enterprise. The unique combination of its rich experience, cutting-edge technology, cost-effective engineering manpower, strong financial backing and strategic manufacturing partnership allows Montage to deliver high-quality products into the market at superior price-performance ratio. So it attracted many investment companies in their field.
---- In Jun. 2006, Montage got 10 million $ from Intel Technology Fund Company and Yongwei investment Company. The main manufacturer of the chip field, Shanghai Huahong Group and the other personal investors were also engaged in the investment. Till now, the company’s total assets were more than 50 million $.

4.Shanghai Eastern-Electrical Automation Control System Co., td.(SEE)

Registered time: Aug. 2001
Registered capital: 4 million RMB
Main introduction:

----Shanghai Eastern-Electrical Automation Control System Co., Ltd. (SEE) is specialized in integration of automation system which based on experienced and talented staff. The high-tech. oriented features qualified SEE for providing automation system integration, designing, advanced system developing, on-site service as well as turn-key projects.
---- It is the main authorized partner of SIEMENS Company in the Automation & Drives business. And it has built up the experiment demonstration hall and the big warehouse with the cooperation of SIEMENS.
---- SEE continuously got the honor of the best sales partner by SIEMENS from 1997 to 2000.
---- The president, Liu Jingbo was regarded as the super new star for excellent innovation technological enterprises in Xujiahui district from 2002 to 2004.
----The best innovation industry program in Xujiahui district in 2006.

5. Shanghai Sunrise-power Automation Co.

Registered time: May 2000
Registered capital: 2.25 million RMB
Main introduction:

----Shanghai Sunrise-power Automation Co. was established by 8 technological person. It was a privacy enterprise in providing advanced and reliable RTUs, FTUs, digital protective relays and SCADA/EMS/DMS systems in China.
----The company’s total business income was more than 35 million RMB in 2004. Its revenue was more than 4 million RMB.
----In 2004, it was awarded for incubating the gold egg to the small giant by the bank of Shanghai. It also got the honor of excellent technological enterprise in Xujiahui district from 2002 to 2004.
----The chairman, Wu Liefeng got the honor of advanced individual in Xujiahui district from 2001 to 2003. The general manager, Wu Tianming was regarded as the best manager in Shanghai in 2003. And the vice general manager, Zhang Suning got the honor of the super talent in Xujiahui district from 2004 to 2006.
----In 2006, the company was regarded as the technological small giant in Shanghai.