Automatic parking payment system launched

2020-04-20 Browse times: 388

“It's really convenient, for I take only one second for the payment and even the parking fee is cut by 5 yuan,” said Xiao Zhang when he drove in and out of the parking area.

However, he should take at least several minutes before and even wait for longer time at a rush hour.

All this should be owed to the launch of the automatic parking payment system, said a source with Caohejing.

As an effort taken to serve the daily life of employees, the Caohejing lifeAPP is committed to providing high-quality services for enterprises and employees in clothing, food, housing and transportation.

The automatic parking payment system is a smart service co-launched by Caohejing and the Bank of China for convenience of park employees, said the source.

Employees can enjoy the service at the eight parking lots of Qinjiang Garden, Stone Garden, Phoenix Park, Guangqi Garden, New Garden, International Business Center, Modern Service Complex and Technology Park after they download the Caohejing lifeAPP and bind it with their plates.

The source said the service will be gradually expanded to other parks with the continuous optimization of its functions.