Caohejing chosen as brand base for innovation and entrepreneurship

2020-05-12 Browse times: 56

Shanghai named Caohejing in Xuhui, Oriental Beauty Valley in Fengxian and Changyang Innovation Valley in Yangpu as the first batch of its brand base for innovation and entrepreneurship on May 8.

The three bases are all the city's influential key industrial parks, which not only have abundant public brand service resources, but also gather a large number of well-known brand enterprises.

“Both parks and enterprises have a strong demand for brand development,” said a source with Caohejing.

Meanwhile, the Shanghai IPR Administration has set up China (Shanghai) IPR Protection Assistance Center Work Stations at these parks to further improve the mechanism for safeguarding IPR and extend its service chain.

The source said doing so will expand the coverage of protecting IPR and help parks and enterprises get effective IPR assistance timely.

The bases will focus its work on brand service, incubation, promotion, display and protection with the aim to create a comprehensive service platform for brands and build park brand into a regional leading brand to help develop other industries and regional brands.

At the same time, the source said, they will become incubators for new brands, accelerators for growing brands and radiators for mature brands by cultivating, gathering and promoting enterprises brands from home and abroad.

Rui Wenbiao, director of the administration, said efforts will be made to explore a new mechanism and a new mode for brand construction and IPR assistance by building these bases and work stations.

Rui said work will be done as well to step up technology innovation and industrial development, further extend the IPR public service chain and improve the IPR protection efficiency and its application to mark the approaching China Brand Day.