Caohejing firms develop antibody drugs against COVID-19

2020-05-19 Browse times: 278

Henlius has joined hands with Sanyou Biology (Shanghai) and Shanghai ZJ Biotech Co Ltd from Caohejing to develop all-human antibody drugs against COVID-19.

Jiang Weidong, CSO of Henlius, said the development of antibody drugs against novel coronavirus is important in the search for effective treatment.

Currently, there are no antibody drugs against COVID-19 in the world.

The candidate antibody drugs co-developed by the three firms are expected to specifically identify the receptor binding domain of novel coronavirus S protein and block the binding of S protein to ACE2 receptor of human cells so as to realize the neutralization of the virus.

It is said that early screening of the candidate antibody drugs, preliminary activity testing at the cell level, detection and validation of neutralization activity of live virus in vitro, preliminary druggability analysis and primary screening of the candidate antibody cell lines for cloning have been completed.

Preliminary results of preclinical animal model studies have confirmed that the candidate antibody drug has a good neutralizing activity of COVID-19, Jiang said, adding that follow-up preclinical studies and construction on cell lines and cell bank will proceed at full speed.

According to the agreement signed by the three enterprises, Henlius will assume the leading role in the subsequent development and production and also obtain the exclusive license of all the intellectual property rights of the candidate antibody drugs.

If the preclinical study goes well, Henlius and its partners will not only apply for clinical trials in China, but also actively explore international clinical studies.

Liu Shigao, CEO of Henlius, said the global COVID-19 prevention and control may be a protracted battle so that it is imperative to develop safe and effective treatment drugs as soon as possible.

The cooperation will help establish a full-chain research system for rapid development, preparation and evaluation and clinical approval of antibody drugs to cope with infectious diseases, he said.