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Pujiang launches environmental protection campaign
DATE 2014-03-19 HIT 1719
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The Pujiang Hi-Tech Park launched a campaign on March 12 to exchange waste batteries for green plants.
“The event aims to strengthen employees’ consciousness of living an energy-saving and low-carbon life,” said a senior manager of the Caohejing Pujiang Hi-Tech Park Development Corporation.
The campaign was held in the park’s F zone, Science Plaza and export processing zone simultaneously with more than 500 employees and residents living nearby in attendance.
More than 350 pots of green plants were exchanged for 2,900 pieces of waste batteries within two hours, which will be recycled by the environmental protection agency.
“It has been a key task for the corporation to build an ecological park for employees to work,” said the manager, adding that it has also launched campaigns of garbage classification and smoke-free park.
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