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First 鈥渮ero approval鈥? pilot project launched in Haining
DATE 2014-03-22 HIT 1685
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By Yan Danping

The first “zero approval” pilot project in Zhejiang province was launched at the Caohejing Haining Hi-Tech Subpark in March.

The project, called the first phase of the Zhejiang Dunnu Fashion Culture Park which costs 180 million yuan ($29.3 million) in investment, plans to construct 51,000 square meters of buildings, said a senior manager in charge of the project.

The investor applied to the Haining Administrative Service Center for the “zero approval” project on December 27, 2013. The zero approval policy means that projects can be launched right after investors gain land, no longer necessary to wait for the approval of the government.

“Projects will be examined and accepted by the government after they are completed,” said the manager.

The subpark will complete infrastructure facilities on the land where the project will be launched, he said.

“The policy will become a stimulus to the development of the subpark with more projects launched,” said an official from the Haining government.

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