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AISM Technology enters golden development period
DATE 2014-03-25 HIT 1850
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By GUO Qijing
The Shanghai AISM Technology Inc. will enter into a golden development period thanks to the city’s firm efforts to set up more than 6,000 charging posts by 2015.
A source with the Beijing government also said the city will build 1,000 charging posts for new energy cars this year, with an objective to establish an average five-kilometer radius charging circle in the downtown areas in the future.
“They are really good news to us,” said Chen Xixi, founder of the company.
AISM, one of China’s first high-tech firms to design and manufacture charging systems, has developed batteries for new energy cars for five years.
“As a small firm, AISM is unable to elbow its way into the auto-manufacturing industry, but it can have a promising market in developing batteries for new energy cars,” said Chen, also general manager of the company.
“We can grow fast by developing new batteries,” Chen said.
The firm, set up by several graduates from Tongji University in 2009, moved into the Caohejing’s Incubator in May 2012 to benefit services of low-interest loans, IPR protection and risk investment.
With the help of the base, the firm has developed ChargeDot-branded portable chargers and AC charging posts in the past two years.
The new products meet the state standards and the US SAE J1772 standards, Chen said.
“We are now cooperating with SAIC and other auto makers in the country to provide enterprises with various charging facilities and solutions,” Chen said.
The ChargeDot-branded charging posts, which can also be operated by APP, can be installed at public parking lots, big shopping centers and community garages to provide fast, safe and convenient charging services for new energy car owners.
As to operators, they can bring the service under control by using the remote-controlled central management. All the terminals are connected to the network with data saved in the cloud storage.
“The new products have helped the firm win group after group of orders,” Chen said.
Its R&D was funded with the help of the Caohejing Entrepreneurship Center which applied for soft loans for the firm through its financing platform for small and medium-sized enterprises.
Aishi has now signed an investment letter of intent with an investment institution and is preparing to be listed at the over-the-counter market for enterprises growth by signing a contract with the Qilu Securities.
“We will inject part of our profits into R&D every year to produce new products and upgrade old ones,” Chen said. “We plan to develop our R&D team into a leading one in the industry within three to five years.”
Meanwhile, AISM, Chen said, will set up its own base to produce charging facilities by improving its ISO/TS16949 quality management system.
“Our objective is to become a qualified supplier of China’s three largest auto makers within three years, with our products accounting for more than 20 percent of the market share,” Chen said, adding that efforts will be also made to expand its overseas market.
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