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Spirax Sarco expands business at Pujiang
DATE 2014-04-10 HIT 1636
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The Spirax Sarco Engineering (China) Co Ltd will launch an expansion project at Pujiang by signing a contract with the park authorities.

Under the contract, the company will construct 12,500 square meters of buildings for its regional headquarters, said a source with the company.

Construction will start in December 2014 and buildings will be put into use at the end of next year.

Spirax Sarco moved into Pujiang in 2008 with its first phase project put into operation in June 2010.

It has maintained a good momentum of development since its operation at Pujiang, leading the park’s energy-saving and environmental protection industry, said a manager from the Caohejing Pujiang Hi-Tech Park Development Corporation.

Spirax Sarco generated output value of 768 million yuan ($125 million), sales of 774 million yuan ($126 million) and profits of 290 million yuan ($47.2 million) in 2013 by means of 500 employees.

As a listed firm in Britain, it has been chosen by the city an advanced enterprise many times. It won a Chinese energy-saving contribution award and became one of China’s top 10 energy-saving contribution enterprises in May 2010. It was also chosen as China’s energy-saving technology demonstration enterprise in May 2013 and given China’s most influential brand in boiler industry in November 2013.

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