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Flower works displayed at show
DATE 2014-04-12 HIT 1686
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By Tang Hao

Caohejing showcased its flower works at a show sponsored by Xinmin Evening News and the Shanghai Botanical Garden on March 28.

The exhibit, themed “sailing” and designed by the Caohejing Gardening Company, consisted of a flower ball and a grass boat which is placed on water as if it is sailing against the wind.

The boat mixed with purple cineraria and yellow goldfish grass indicated that an enterprise could skip over the waves in any environment to make achievements, while the ball, which was covered with petunia, looked like a bright pearl on the water. The two echoed each other.

The three-week show displayed flowers and plants of various kinds with the exhibit presented by Caohejing greatly attracting visitors’ attention.

“It not only shows Caohejing’s culture, but shapes its good image,” said a manager from the gardening company.

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