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Service outsourcing platform appraised
DATE 2014-04-17 HIT 1653
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By Huang Guixia

Caohejing’s effort to build a service outsourcing platform has won praises from officials of the Ministry of Commerce.

“The park has set a good example for the country and its experiences are worth to be popularized,” said Wan Lianpo, deputy director of the ministry’s Clothes and Trade Department.

Wan made the remarks at the meeting which was sponsored by the ministry at Caohejing on April 17 with an aim to push forward the country’s service outsourcing industry.

Present at the meeting were government officials from Beijing, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong.

Wan required Shanghai to make full use of the resources granted by the State to provide high-quality services for domestic service outsourcing enterprises.

Sun Jiarong, a division director from the Shanghai Commercial Commission, introduced the way of how the city uses and manages its service outsourcing funds platform.

Representatives from the Shanghai Lingang Caohejing Talent Co Ltd, the Shanghai Service Outsourcing Exchange Promotion Center and the Shanghai Public Information Safety Service Platform exchanged their experiences.

Ministerial officials, who paid great attention to the way of how service outsourcing enterprises hire talents, visited a software service outsourcing job fair at Caohejing.

Wan hoped Caohejing to continue its effort to help service outsourcing enterprises gain high-quality talents from home and abroad by taking effective measures and enlarging channels.

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