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ChinaPNR makes funds 'ive'?
DATE 2014-04-20 HIT 1708
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By Dong Min
ChinaPNR, China’s leading payment enterprise will open a new value-added channel for the investors who have idle funds in its P2P exclusive account by upgrading its escrow account system.
The system’s upgraded version was in operation in early April, said a manager from ChinaPNR.
“It is often the case that investors leave some idle funds in the account,” said the manager.
“If we put the funds into a treasure item, they can make profits while standing idle,” he added.
He said the practice is able to make the money live, which can be subscribed and redeemed in real time.
“It will not delay investors’ bidding in the P2P platform,” he said.
ChinaPNR introduced the system in early 2013 to provide the trusteeship service for the third party funds. “Doing so is able to avoid funds’ potential risk,” he said.
Funds from more than 100 customers are now in trust of ChinaPNR, which means the system is popular among investors.
The treasure item is a financial product co-developed by ChinaPNR and its partners to help address idle funds.
ChinaPNR has provided the “treasure service” for more than one million micro POS customers.


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