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Meeting held to push forward park's cooperation with Xuhui
DATE 2014-04-26 HIT 1712
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By Guo Qijing
A working conference was held at Caohejing on April 23 to push forward the cooperation between the park and the Xuhui district.
Participants examined the 2013 report on the park’s cooperation with the district and its 2014 development plan.
Xuhui agreed to finance Caohejing for its development in 2014, said a senior manager from the Caohejing Hi-Tech Park Development Corporation.
Present at the meeting were leading district government officials and senior managers from Caohejing.
The two sides worked hard at completing all the key tasks last year by means of the mutual cooperation, said the manager.
The park has made great progresses in economic development, restructuring industries, attracting investment, providing entrepreneurship, innovation and financial services, talent training, safety management, traffic improvement, environment management and brand upgrading.
“2014 is a year to deepen reforms, which will also provide an opportunity for the district-park cooperation,” said the manager, adding that both will probe into a new driving force for the industrial development.
New measures will be taken to improve talent service, create a new appearance of urban management, set up a new system to improve administration, continue to improve the environment management and work out the park’s new-round development layout.
Gui Enliang, general manager of the Caohejing Hi-Tech Park Development Corporation, said in his speech that the corporation is assessing the park’s future development strategy.
“We are also considering the development strategy for the corporation itself,” said Gui, adding that it will do three things by means of the cooperation platform with the district.
Firstly, the corporation will improve its service to create the first-class investment environment for its innovations in industries, systems, technologies, finance and service.
Secondly, it will launch the second-round development project with focus placed on adjusting low value-added projects and introducing the enterprises which are in line with the park’s industry guide and can make high economic contributions.
Thirdly, it will actively participate in co-developing projects with the Xuhui district by using its brand and service advantages to make greater contributions to the district’s economic development.
His words were echoed by Liu Jiaping, chairman of the corporation, who said the park-district cooperation is an important experience Caohejing has gained from its high growth in the past several years.
“We should sum up these experiences and use them as references for the city’s urbanization and transformation of its parks and districts,” Liu said.
Mo Fuchun, Xuhui Party secretary, fully confirmed the achievements Caohejing made last year. He said Caohejing has a good and well-organized team and its employees have a dream and a sense of responsibility, willing to make contributions to the park’s development.
“We will firmly support the park’s second-round development, push forward its cooperation with the district’s other parks and help it develop enterprises with new industries and technologies,” he said.
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