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R&D building welcomes new comer
DATE 2014-04-26 HIT 1686
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By Zhang Xiaodan
The Zhejiang Hongwuhuan Machinery Co Ltd will become the first customer to lease offices at the sixth building which is under construction as part of an expansion project of the R&D center at the F Building of the Caohejing Pujiang Hi-Tech Park.
It has signed a contract with the park’s development corporation, said a manager from the company.
Hongwuhuan, founded in 1997 with a registered capital of 135 million yuan, is one of China’s best large-scale modern machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises. It puts R&D, manufacturing and sales service together. It mainly manufactures air power machineries and engineering driving machineries, ranking second among domestic counterparts.
Its products are considered to approach the international advanced level in terms of design and manufacturing quality, said a manager from the park corporation, adding that many products have filled the domestic blank.
Its 60-cubic screw air compressors have been used in the petrochemical, steel, cement and shipbuilding industries, while its 20-cubic computer-controlled mobile screw air compressors and open-air drilling rigs have also been used in the alpine plateau in the northwest region.
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