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Caohejing becomes more intelligent
DATE 2014-05-05 HIT 1728
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By Guo Qijing

 A gentleman surnamed Wang will never forget his special parking experience he had when he went on business at the New Caohejing International Business Center several days ago.

“I didn’t stop to get a card when I drove to the parking area. I was told to pay the time I had parked when I left. Things went smoothly,” he said.

“This should be owed to the use of the high-definition license plate recognition system,” said a manager from the center.

As a landmark in the park, the New Caohejing International Business Center has an occupancy rate of 96 percent and its underground garage provides space for 992 cars to park. At rush hours, the parking rate reaches about 70 percent, said the manager.

But, he said, the original card-swiping system was easy to cause traffic congestion.

The newly-installed video cameras can record the information of the vehicles driving in and out of the park with an accurate recognition rate of 99.9 percent.

The computer-controlled system is able to provide photos and license numbers of all the vehicles. It will also calculate fees for those temporary parking vehicles.

In certain circumstances, vehicles will be free of charge. But they will be recorded as well, he added.

“This system, high efficient and safe, has made the management convenient,” the manager said.

He said the system can be connected to the park’s other parking areas by wires and cables so that managers can browse the central database through Internet explorer web and make a financial analysis in time.

The center has also adopted an intelligent visitor management system by using a solution provided by the Switzerland Kaba Group to manage visitors going in and out of buildings.

The Telecom Haplink, an enterprise based at the park, has also provided a technical support for the system.

The system, the manager said, has replaced the traditional way which required visitors to register themselves when they passed the entrance.

“The old way was unable to meet buildings’ demand for safety,” he said.

The system, similar to the entrance guard system, requires every visitor to swipe his/her second generation identity card when he/she passes the entrance. The machine will spit out a visiting card immediately after the ID card is swiped and the visitor information will be automatically recorded and transferred to the background.

Information of tenants has been registered so that they can pass the entrance quickly.

Different from the traditional visitor system, the new intelligent system is not only able to ensure the safety of a building, but able to provide an easy and convenient service for tenants and visitors. It will also make the property management more efficient.

“The manual registration we used before was hard to prevent unexpectedness. The new intelligent system has improved corporate image and reduced the security burden we shoulder,” said a security guard at the center.





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