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Basketball match kicks off at Caohejing
DATE 2014-05-17 HIT 1687
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By Ye Chuanfang
Caohejing kicked off its “Pudong Development Bank Cup” basketball match at Xuhui Stadium on May 17.
More than 500 employees from 32 enterprises, such as Cisco, Burger King and Spirax Sarco, took active part in the match, said a manager in charge of the event.
“Fifty enterprises entered their names for the match, but only 32 were chosen according to the match rules,” the manager said.
Caohejing now has about 3,000 enterprises with more than 200,000 employees, 85 percent of whom are white collars. Some are foreigners.
“They take recreational and sports activities as a stage to show themselves, on which they can exchange with each other and promote friendship,” said Chen Ke, chairman of the Caohejing Enterprises Association.
A French employee from the PSA Peugeot Citroen led his team to win the first victory. “Basketball has helped me know many Chinese friends, letting me be part of the city in a short time,” he said.
His words were echoed by Shi Jialiang, restaurant manager of Burger King, who said basketball made him know many of the same age.
“The park and the association have paid great attention to providing more services for employees,” said Zhong Xing, secretary general of the association, adding that effort has been made to push forward the park’s sports in the past years.
The event, co-sponsored by the Caohejing Hi-Tech Park Development Corporation, the Xuhui Sports Bureau and the Hongmei sub-district office, has gained great support from the association, its Pujiang branch, the sub-district fitness club and the Caohejing branch of the Pudong Development Bank.
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