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Entrepreneurs visit Lingang
DATE 2014-05-20 HIT 1725
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By Xin Chao
About 162 entrepreneurs, led by Chen Ke, chairman of the Caohejing Enterprises Association, visited the Lingang Industry Zone on May 14.
They toured the Lingang Group, the Shanghai South Port Pier, the Shanghai Electric Lingang Heavy Equipment Base, the Lingang Remanufacturing Zone, the Shanghai Automobile Lingang Base, the Railway Container Terminal and the Lingang Logistics Park. They also visited the Shanghai Free Trade Zone and Lingang’s urban areas.
Zhu Jiajun, deputy director of Pudong New Area and executive deputy director of the Lingang Management Committee, aired Lingang’s development plan and its special policies; Li Zhaojie, deputy director of the Management Committee of the FTZ, briefed them of the zone’s policies and investment environment; and Zhu Weiqiang, vice president of the Lingang Group, introduced the construction of the Lingang Industry Zone.
Visitors from well-known enterprises, such as Cisco and Changjiang Jinggong, had a heated discussion after they heard the introduction.
Entrepreneurs said the visit has helped them have a deeper understanding of the FTZ and Lingang and get an opportunity to exchange with officials from Lingang.
“We have further enhanced our business confidence in the development of Caohejing and Lingang,” said one of them.
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