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Eco-environment Construction co shows itself at landscape industry expo
DATE 2014-06-03 HIT 1647
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The Shanghai Lingang Caohejing Eco-Environment Construction Co Ltd showed itself at the 2014 China (Shanghai) Landscape Industry Expo which was held at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center from May 27 to 29.
“It was the first event the company took part in after it was renamed,” said a senior manager from the company. “We injected a lot of manpower and material resources into the show with the aim to promote its brand and concept.”
Its exhibition area, covering 40 square meters, showed the progresses its design center, R&D center, engineering center and nursery center have made, becoming an attraction to many visitors.
“We are using a new technology to green roofs in order to save land,” the manager said.
He said the company is seeking more high-end suppliers as partners and wants to develop the modern agriculture by using new materials and hi-tech equipment.
“The purpose is to sharpen the company’s competitive edge,” he said.
Discussions are under way with a German roof greening irrigation system supplier about the cooperation, he added.
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