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Valeo celebrates 20th anniversary in China
DATE 2014-06-06 HIT 1673
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By Guo Qijing
“It’s my right choice to work for Valeo,” said Wang Li, accountant from Valeo China.
Standing at the podium with her first employee’s card, Wang looked back her 20 years of working career in Valeo China, saying that she feels honored to be a Valeo employee.
Valeo China celebrated its 20th anniversary on May 29 by holding a show at the Caohejing International Business Center.
Present at the celebration ceremony were Jacques Aschenbroich, chief executive officer of Valeo Group, Bao Bingzhang, deputy director of Xuhui district government, and Lyu Ming, deputy general manager of the Caohejing Hi-Tech Park Development Corporation.
Wang said she got the card at the factory in Wenling, Zhejiang province, the first one Valeo set up in China.
“I have grown up together with Valeo China in the past 20 years,” she said. She was transferred to work at the Valeo China headquarters in 2009 and bought her first car in 2013.
“I felt I was the world’s most fortunate person when I drove the car equipped with Valeo parts on the streets,” she said.
Aschenbroich listened to her carefully and gave her a cheek kissing when she finished her speech.
“I, on behalf of Valeo, thank numerous employees as Wang for their contributions to the growth of Valeo China,” he said.
He also thanked Xuhui and Caohejing for their efforts to help Valeo achieve marvelous progresses.
Valeo, with 26 production bases, 10 development centers and three R&D centers, created sales of 12 billion yuan last year.
He said Valeo will inject annual 1 billion yuan into the Chinese market in the next several years to innovate more solutions for Chinese consumers.
His words were echoed by Lyu, who said Valeo’s concept of taking roots in the China market is a key to its fast development in China. Thanks to Valeo, Caohejing has developed the auto parts industry into one of its five pillar industries, he said.
“We will join hands with Xuhui to make greater contributions to Valeo’s development,” Lyu said.
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