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Super park served with super teams
DATE 2019-02-10 HIT 393
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Fang Shizhong, director of Xuhui district government, led a team to visit Caohejing on the eve of the Spring Festival which fell on February 5.

The team consisted of officials from the district government departments and senior managers from Huicheng Group.

Present at the investigation were Gui Enliang, vice president of Lingang Group and Party secretary and chairman of the Caohejing High-Tech Park Development Corporation, and Zhan Feng, general manager of the park.

The two sides had deep discussions about the renewal of existing urban carriers and planning of small towns, proposed solutions and decided the task statement, responsible persons, schedule and road map.

They agreed to take the development strategy as the guide, develop cluster of key industries as the goal, create results as a breakthrough and promote regional cooperation towards regional integration.

Firstly, the park is required to make clear its objectives, enhance the results of district-level cooperation, make full use of its professional ability in building nests to attract phoenix, define the annual economic indicators and tasks and serve the super park with super teams, the source said.

Secondly, the park is needed to focus on key industrial projects, make every effort to create an optimal business service environment, focus on new industrial carriers, do a good job in integrating investment promotion policies and introduce and cultivate leading and benchmarking enterprises.

Thirdly, the park is demanded to strengthen its brand and boost its level. It should also make full use of the city's “double-height”land policy, do a good job in the renewal of the park's existing urban carriers, completion and acceptance of its new carriers and push forward its high-quality and high-density economic development.


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