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“Woodpecker action” project launched
DATE 2019-02-22 HIT 378
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The Caohejing Property Management Company launched a woodpecker actionproject on February 21 as one of its core measures for its 2019 quality year.
The project, also a responsibility system quality supervision action, is part of the comprehensive quality year action plan rolled out by the company on January 14.
It gathered 82 people from the company's functional departments, which were divided into nine groups, to conduct full inspection and all-round supervision of 34 projects.
They made use of their fragmented time to conduct weekly inspection and unannounced visit to all projects, finding out problems and shortcomings in project management from the perspective of customers.
The woodpecker actionproject found a total of 350 problems which were rectified. The timely rectification rate reached 86 percent.
Ning Yu, general manager of the company, said the project provides a new monitoring mechanism for the company's quality inspection work.
Ning called for more effort to establish a sense of responsibility which requires inspectors to be serious and responsible for their inspection, and rectification personnel should be timely and effective to deal with the problems which were found out.
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