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New projects launched at Caohejing
DATE 2019-02-25 HIT 565
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Projects for the fifth and sixth phases at Caohejing Science Park were launched on January 24 to build industrial plants and auxiliary housing.

The projects located at Minhang district build multi-storey houses and a basement with a total construction areas of nearly 450,000 square meters.

In accordance with the design concept of “clear water around continent”,the project fully respects the combination of architecture and landscape, forming a concentric system through the staggered arrangement of water system and roads.

Each building has a side to the water system, creating a garden-style office atmosphere.

The engineering construction department will cooperate with design, supervision and construction units to strictly implement the ISO management system, effectively control the safety, quality, progress and investment of the projects.
It aims to build them into the first-class architectural projects, adding new highlights to Caohejing and injecting new vitality into the Science Park brand.

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