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AI property rights seminar held
DATE 2019-03-14 HIT 639
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The seminar on “high-value patent creation and international protection strategy in the field of artificial intelligence”, sponsored by the Caohejing Entrepreneurship Center, was held at the Caohejing International Incubation Center on February 26.

The wonderful speeches made by domestic and overseas IP experts were well received by nearly 80 participants, said a source with the seminar.

At the seminar, Saiful Khan, partner from the well-known Potter Clarkson LLP, Joselph M. Casino, partner from the famous American Wiggin and Dana LLP, and Longtian IP partner Zhang Siyue comprehensively analyzed the relevant patent laws and regulations of the United States, Europe and China and reviewed their guidelines and other practical skills from the AI-related patent patentability, application practice, examination principles and infringement rights.

They also, through a large number of cases, shared years of practical experience with participants with the aim to help them have a clear understanding of how to apply for patents and how to apply for high-value patents and related IP protection work with innovation technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, the source said.

Responsible persons from artificial intelligence enterprises interacted with foreign experts and learned about advanced foreign ideas and methods on AI industry IP management, which helped broaden their horizon and raised their awareness.

Before the seminar, foreign experts, led by staff from the Caohejing Entrepreneurship Center, visited the International Incubator Complex at the Caohejing High-Tech Oasis and provided on-site guidance on IP of enterprises.
As an important bearing area of the Shanghai Technology Innovation Center and an important area of the Shanghai artificial intelligence industry layout, Caohejing has gathered a number of excellent artificial intelligence enterprises, such as Shangtang Technology, Yitu Technology, Yunzhisheng and Zhuma Intelligence.

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