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Eisenmann project launched at Caohejing Haining park
DATE 2019-03-14 HIT 599
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A thermal technology equipment project was recently launched by Eisenmann, one of top 50 German companies, at Caohejing Haining Park with a contract signed, said a source with Caohejing.

The project cost a total investment of $6 million to manufacture new energy battery positive powder sintering equipment by leasing factory buildings.

After the project is completed, it will create estimated annual output value of 500 million yuan and estimated annual actual tax payment of 30 million yuan, the source said.

Eisenmann was founded in 1951 with business covering 25 countries and regions from Asia, Europe and America, becoming an international surface and coating technology, thermal equipment technology and environmental protection technology supplier. Its employees reach 5000 and turnover 1 billion euro.

It is committed to providing the world's top auto makers, such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Tesla, with design solutions.

According to customers' production, assembly and logistics needs, it will make highly efficient, flexible, energy-saving and environmental friendly equipment for them.

The launch of the project will further strengthen the team of German enterprises in Haining, indicating that the Haining park has taken another substantial step in attracting European and American advanced manufacturing enterprises, the source said.

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