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Entrepreneurship and innovation competition held
DATE 2019-03-22 HIT 567
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The road show of the2019 Entrepreneurship in Shanghaiinternational innovation and entrepreneurship competition was held at Caohejing on March 6.


The Caohejing Entrepreneurship Center provided considerate services for the participating 61 projects in the electronic information field and 25 projects in the biomedicine group, ranging from policy explanation to match point preparation, pre-game training and simulated and formal road shows.


The competition sponsored by the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission and other government departments aimed to build a service platform for small and medium-sized technology enterprises, introduce more social resources to support innovation and entrepreneurship and promote their innovative development.


In addition to hosting the annual competition, Caohejing also holds the high-tech innovation and entrepreneurship carnival and other high-quality activities to create an upgraded version of innovation and entrepreneurship and build a more comprehensive, more efficient and more capable innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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