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SMS enterprises' financing difficulties solved
DATE 2019-03-22 HIT 838
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The Caohejing Financing Platform has helped enterprises get loans of 1.75 billion yuan in the past decade, said a source with Caohejing.


The platform held a symposium on March 5 to celebrate its 10th anniversary with Wang Hongwei, deputy director of the Xuhui district government, and Zhan Feng, general manager of the Caohejing High-Tech Park Development Corporation, in attendance.


The meeting reviewed and summed up what the platform had done in the past 10 years and put forward the goals for the platform's future development, said the source.


The platform was jointly set up by the Xuhui district government, Caohejing and the Bank of Communications on March 5, 2009 with the aim to cope with the financial crisis and help enterprises alleviate capital shortage.


The platform launched many innovative initiatives to form its own operating model and brand characteristics, the source said.


It took it as its mission to help small and medium-sized (SMS)technology firms grow and alleviate their financing difficulties


The source said the financing platform, which is deeply aware of the various pressures and challenges faced by SMS enterprises, has always been committed to providing them with convenient, efficient and cost-effective financing services, which will go through their life circle.

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