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Caohejing Property wins bid for FM project management
DATE 2019-05-27 HIT 372
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The Caohejing Property Company has won the bid for the FM project management of Sangtang Technology-Xinzhou Building, which covers an area of 1,398 square meters and uses as an office building for Sangtang R&D and headquarters in China.

The building located at Caohejing is designed by the world's first-class team for AI leading enterprises, which needs higher requirements for property management, said a source with the company.

Caohejing Property focused on the real needs of households and proposed the management concept of technology, care and future. It has worked out an omni-directional, refined and intelligent IFM life-cycle property service scheme.

As an advanced management concept in the property management industry, IFM scheme will help raise the park's property management level and create a model of IFM butler service project, the source said.
Sangtang Technology is a leading enterprise in the AI industrial chain with an estimated value of more than $4.5 billion, becoming the world's most highly valued unicorn enterprise.
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