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Theme seminar on IPR held
DATE 2019-05-27 HIT 416
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Caohejing recently held a theme seminar on protection of intellectual property rights and promotion of their transformation to echo the forthcoming 2019 National IP publicity week.

Officials from the State IP Office, the Shanghai IP Bureau, the Xuhui Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, the Shanghai Patent and Trademark Office, the Caohejing Technology Entrepreneurship Center discussed the latest policies and regulations on IPR in China and new directions in IP management with representatives from Tongji Univeristy, Shanghai University and Sangtang Technology, Baiyi IPR and other enterprises.

The seminar set up the IPR expert advisory committee and engaged some experts to provide IP service for enterprises.

Zhao Meisheng, a senior official from the State IP Office, delivered a keynote speech to introduce China's latest policies and institutional environment in application and transformation of IPR.

Han Xiucheng, director of the newly-established IPR expert advisory committee, emphasized that efforts should be made to strictly and effectively protect IPR in order to create a good business environment.






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