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IT road show launched at Caohejing
DATE 2019-05-28 HIT 396
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By  Guo QiJing

A delegation of 16 presidents from North American intelligent technology enterprises gathered at Caohejing on May 15 to hold road show of their projects, said a source with the park.

They connected their projects with more than 60 smart technology companies, investment funds and banks in Shanghai, said a source with the park.

The event, which was co-sponsored by the Shanghai Foreign Investment Promotion Center and the Caohejing High-Tech Park Development Corporation, aimed at strengthening exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and American technology enterprises.

The source said it will also promote the connection between the cutting-edge intelligent technology projects in North America and local industrial investment funds and technology firms, pushing forward the establishment of a number of innovative technology enterprises.

Yang Chao, deputy director of the Shanghai Commercial Commission, said Shanghai has always taken building a technology innovation center with global influence as its mission, while striving to develop an export-oriented economy.

Shanghai has a strong industrial gene, a complete upstream and downstream industrial chain, a complete supporting system and a relatively mature industrial technology and business model.

He said the city also has a good enterprise cultivation environment, strong industrial and commercial foundation, developed capital market and a large number of high-quality technical personnel.

He believed that intelligent technology enterprises from North America can certainly find the most suitable development opportunities and a platform for enterprises gathering in Shanghai.

Yang also mentioned the upcoming Law on Foreign Investment, which will expand the market access for foreign investment in a wider range of sectors, while focusing more on the efficiency improvement and prosperity of all industries brought about by national treatment and fair competition.

Zhan Feng, general manager of the Caohejing High-Tech Park Development Corporation, said the artificial intelligent industry at Caohejing has rapidly developed with a number of world-known AI enterprises settled down, including Sangtang Technology, ARM, Emotech, Yitu, Yunzhisheng and Zhuma Intelligence.

He said Caohejing will build an AI town in Xuhui, which contains an AI application demonstration area, an international intelligent industry-city integration area and an AI industry concentration area.

The road show project covers AI, logistics network, autonomous driving, intelligence battery management system, big data analysis, robotics and other fields.
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