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Special lecture on AI held
DATE 2019-05-28 HIT 453
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By Peng QuFei
A special lecture on AI technology development and application scenario was held at Caohejing on May 23 to help enterprises understand the latest development trend of AI.
About 400 white-collar workers from enterprises in and out of the park took part in the lecture.
Hong Xiaowen, senior vice president of Microsoft and chairman of Microsoft Asia-Pacific , acted as a keynote speaker. Starting from“the Brief History of intelligence”,he analyzed the evolutionary correlation between AI and human intelligence by using the intelligent pyramid model (five layers including calculation, perception, decision-making, creativity and intelligence).
At present, the bottleneck of AI lies in the ability above the decision-making level, which can solve what but does not know why.

Meanwhile, the so-called creativity comes from the existing big data analysis and processing, which is still in the state of“weak AI.”
Regarding the future of AI, Hong said that expanding strong AI that can imitate human intelligence will still have a long way to go and need investment in research.
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