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Caohejing projects showcase at London technology week
DATE 2019-06-27 HIT 307
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By MaCheng


Projects including artificial intelligence, medical care and information technology from Caohejing enterprises attracted the attention of the world's exhibitors and professional investors at the London technology week.

Its road show was held to echo the Caohejing overseas technology innovation carnival, said a source with the park.

A Caohejing manager introduced the park's innovation and entrepreneurship ecology to local participants and invited excellent overseas projects to the carnival which will be held in Shanghai in September.

The technology week, the Europe's biggest technology event, was a joint venture launched by the UK Department for International Trade, the London Development Promotion Agency and the Everman Group, which showcases the world's latest technologies and provides opportunities for networking, learning, communication and business cooperation.

Nearly 40,000 people from over 350 enterprises in more than 20 countries participated in the technology week.

The source said Caohejing will establish a cooperation network with the local innovation ecosystem and entrepreneurial enterprises in Cambridge to push forward the innovation and ecological development of Caohejing.

As an important part of the carnival, the “original momentum” special overseas event aims to help enterprises to understand the overseas market, seek business cooperation opportunities, deepen and consolidate the good cooperative relations with the overseas innovation business circle by holding road shows, roundtable talks and innovation visits.

The source said Caohejing presented its excellent projects at London, creating opportunities for road show financing and international cultural exchange.

The road show also showed the charm of Caohejing technology innovation, laying a foundation of attracting overseas outstanding projects and establishing international cooperation relations with overseas institutions, the source said.

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