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Lanqi Tech passes listed deliberation
DATE 2019-07-01 HIT 551
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The city's listed committee for the technology innovation board disclosed its third review result on June 13, agreeing that the Lanqi Technology Co Ltd, an enterprise graduated from the Caohejing Incubation Center, can be listed.
Lanqi has become one of the third batch of technology innovation board enterprises and the fourth IC enterprise which lands the technology innovation board.
A source with Caohejing said Lanqi intends to raise 2.3 billion yuan after it is listed to research, develop and industrialize the new generation of interface chips, upgrade server CPU and platform technologies and research artificial intelligence chips.
As one of the leading IC design companies, Lanqi is committed to providing high-performance chip solutions for cloud computing and IC, becoming the world's only supplier of complete solutions from full memory buffering to semi-buffering.
Since it was set up in 2004, Lanqi has been incubating and growing at Caohejing which provides comprehensive services in human resources, loan financing, project declaration and IP declaration and protection.
The source said Caohejing has been committed to serving enterprises in their way toward the capital market. Up to now, it has 133 enterprises to be listed.
Caohejing has always taken industrial development, technology innovation, capital agglomeration and resource integration as its main battlefield for the construction of the city's technology innovation center.
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