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White-collar drama festival held at Caohejing
DATE 2019-07-04 HIT 301
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 The first C space-white-collar drama festival was held at Caohejing's A7 and Pujiang Technology Plaza on June 24.

The event was part of the 2019“Vitality Caohejing”sports and culture festival which was organized by the Caohejing High-Tech Park Development Corporation, the Lingang Pujiang Company, the Lingang Caohejing Enterprises Service Company and Miaoshi Culture.
The drama festival themed “curiosity, creativity and community”took“play and tour at garden, voice and life of white-collars and diversified plays”as its time line to integrate the charm of global art and show the dimensions of diversified dramas, said a source with the festival.
It had noon cruise and theatre feast in form with the former attaching great importance to the visual interaction based on the modern stilts and puppet with music, dance and dramas presented by the Oolong Troupe, such as the Wizard of Oz, the Adventure Family, the Happy Prince and the Headless Man.
In the evening, a variety of dramas with rich themes, such as dramas, suspense dramas and musicals, were presented by famous domestic troupes including the Zero North Latitude Troupe, the Shanghai Modern Drama Society, the Flying Improvisation Troupe and the SIVA Detao Musical Troupe.
The source said the drama festival adhered to the original intention of serving masses with dramas, focusing on the life aesthetics of the park's 200,000 white-collar workers and encouraging them to release their curiosity and creativity and find different life perspectives in their work.
By performing dramas and operas, the festival aimed to inject curiosity and creativity into the park's culture and the community cultural identity into the life of white-collar workers, said the source.
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