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“Caohejing Cup” games kicked off
DATE 2019-08-02 HIT 259
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The third“Caohejing Cup”Shanghai Development Zone Games and “Vitality Caohejing”Tennis Match were held at the Caohejing Oasis Sports Center on July 27.

Zhang Yuan, deputy general manager of the Shanghai Lingang Caohejing Enterprises Service Co Ltd, declared the match open, which was co-sponsored by the Shanghai Sports Bureau, the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions, the Shanghai Sports Federation and the Shanghai Development Zone Society.
The event was supported by the Shanghai Lingang Economic Development (Group) Co Ltd and named by the Shanghai Caohejing High-Tech Park Development Corporation.
Twenty-five teams from the city's development zones with more than 160 people participated in the match, said a source with Caohejing.
After fierce competition, Zhengda Hope team won the champion, Hongfang First team came second and Vitality Caohejing team won the third place.
The source said main players of the Vitality Caohejing team come from the Vitality Caohejing Tennis Club, which has made great success in the Shanghai Airport Cup Spring-heralding Tennis Championships, the Waigaoqiao Cup Domestic and Overseas Enterprises Open Tennis Match and other tennis events.
The club will continue to carry out diversified training and competition activities with the aim to strengthen the physical interaction between enterprises and increase teams' cooperation consciousness.
All this will add color to the future events including football, basketball, table tennis, badminton, swimming, gymnastics and other kinds of sports, the source said.
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