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Sensetime sets foot on Caohejing
DATE 2019-09-02 HIT 560
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Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong unveiled Sensetime's China headquarters and global R&D headquarters at the closing ceremony of the 2019 world AI conference held on August 31.
The move marked that the two headquarters will settle down at Caohejing, said a source with the hi-tech park.
Shanghai Party Secretary Li Qiang visited Sensetime on August 28 to learn about its explorations and practice in many industries and experience its independent innovation technologies.
Li urged Sensetime to give full play to its advantages, dig into frontier fields and make greater progress, helping build the Shanghai plateau for the AI industry.
The city signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Sensetime in November, 2017, the first one of the kind with AI unicom enterprises.
Meanwhile, Sensetime inked a cooperation agreement with the Xuhui district government with its R&D platform headquarters landing in Xuhui.
The source said the park's Xinzhou Building where Sensetime's China headquarters is located will be put into use, marking a new chapter for the Sensetime's development in Shanghai.
Sensetime will make close cooperation with Caohejing to promote AI's innovative application and the park's ecological circle construction, said the source.
The source added that Caohejing will, as always, provide more humane services in a bid to create a more beautiful park environment for Sensetime, an AI aircraft carrier.
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