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Innovation Services

Caohejing Hi-Tech Park persist in development of hi-tech industry, builds the good investment environment to promote middle and small scale technical enterprise's growing. Therefore, Hi-Tech Park base on the Innovation Center, has established a series structures of manage and services such as the incubator manage center, the venture capital center, the technical trade center and the service center, it can provides various service like the Hi-Tech entrepreneurship, the venture capital investment, the demonstrate of project for the enterprise, identified, the policy consultation and so on.

I. incubator service for Hi-Tech entrepreneurship

The incubator manage center offering modularization service for the incubator, the Hi-Tech park, city industry park, incubator enterprise and so on, if the organization or the enterprise needs to be served, it can free select the suitable content.

——entrepreneurship direct module 锛歋ome the consultation and the instruction about initial entrepreneurship for entrepreneur, including: enterprise’s set up, enterprises identified and so on, lay the foundations of enterprise's strategic development.

——Policy consultation module: The purpose is issue the preferential policy of Hi-Tech Park, Xuhui district, Shanghai or national to Hi-Tech enterprise and incubator.

——The talented person serves module: Including some policies refer to the introduction of talent, report to the local authorities for change of domicile, the head-hunter, conferring of academic titles, the person who study abroad and foreign nationality family member children get employed or study and so on.

——Training service module: Consist of entrepreneurship training, innovation training, international training and foreign language training and so on.

——Financing service module: Including project subsidization, the enterprise loan, service of venture capital (refer to the venture capital it can see the venture capital center item).

——Legal service module: This service module is including services about intellectual property rights, enterprise contract dispute, which involve service to the legal field.

——Market introduction module: Including the media propaganda, the conferences demonstrate or display, product recommendation services and so on.

——Public service module: See the public technical service platform

——Growth counseling module: Provides the contact of instructor and the point track service, in accordance with the service domain, the operating condition, team of manage provides individuality service for which enterprise being tracked.

——Public relation module: Provides Sharon, meeting services between the enterprise and the government, as well as upstream enterprise and downstream.

II. VC services

Caohejing Hi-Tech Park Innovation Center is making great efforts to provide an investment and financing platform for the companies, and help them to raise funds at the capital market.

For the purpose of exploring venture capital mechanism and establishing a technological investment and financing system according to international standard, the Center has successively held specific workshops such as "Public Restriction for Foreign Invested Companies", "Promotion on Public in Hong Kong Enterpreneurship Board”, "Technology Project Promotion" and "Bank and Hi-Tech companies Cooperation Workshop" etc. At present, the Center itself has a seed fund of several millions, and has already set up Shanghai Caohejing Venture Capital Co., Ltd. With a total investment fund of 30 million RMB and Shanghai Caohejing Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd. with excellent overseas talents managing the operation. At the same time, in order to attract more financial support for incubatees, the Center has been endeavoring to introduce various venture capital organizations and have the closely connected with venture capital. The Center is now trying to explore and establish a venture capital system and mechanism of fund raising, which are adaptable to China’s present condition, and bring up a contingent of technological venture capital experts.

III. Technology exchange and exhibition service

Integrating the project and service resources of CHJ developing zone and science & technology promoting committee, provide such services as followings, technical fruits exhibition and promotion, Intermediary agency, technical fruits evaluation and certification, venture capital, technical fruits transferring and so on with the cooperation of university, institute, large-scale company group and financial institute.

Technical fruits transferring projects exhibition center

The center will exhibit all the technical fruits transferring projects of CHJ developing zone, Shanghai and all over the country.

Technology exchange Intermediary agency ally

Introduce a group of professional service organizations including technical fruits evaluation, consulting, intellectual property service companies and law firms. Therefore a one-stop service ally of Technical fruits transferring will be successfully constituted.

E-Business platform of Technology exchange

Based on the TT91 ( the portal for science & technology promoting committee ) web site, the E-Business platform of Technology exchange will build a exchange system of intellectual property and establish a web entrance to intellectual products purchasing.

Innovation & Entrepreneurs service platform for Technical fruits transferring in CHJ

Utilizing the big service and information network consisting of university, institute, large-scale company group, financial institute Intermediary agency and association, integrating the service resources of Innovation Center, cooperate to establish a service platform for technical fruits transferring and hi-tech industry development in CHJ

IV. Comprehensive services for innovation & entrepreneurs

Certification of hi-tech enterprise

Provide initial auditing service for hi-tech companies in CHJ applying for the certification of Shanghai hi-tech enterprise.

Facilitate the certification process for all qualified companies in numerous ways.

Persuade relevant authorities to relax criterions of auditing for unqualified companies, especially companies encouraged by CHJ such as R&D companies, service outsourcing companies, software companies, headquarters, hi-tech companies, incubatees, etc.

Policy research

Include the research of science and technology plan, strategy and policy of CHJ.

Focus on the implementation regulations of New tax law, policy of certification of hi-tech enterprise, incubator policies, policy of initiating independent innovation funds for developing zones in Shanghai, policies of service outsourcing industry, promoting policies of district government for innovation and incubator, and supporting policies for intellectual property. Visit enterprises and relevant authorities periodically, maintaining close communication and contact with them.


Organize trainings on innovation, entrepreneurs, internationalization, foreign languages, and software.

Organize “thousand, hundred, ten” engineer of service outsourcing industry targeting on the outsourcing companies in CHJ.

The training center of software park attached to Innovation Center should expand recruiting scale and improve quality of courses, helping enterprises in CHJ to conduct internal training for employees in numerous ways.

International Cooperation

Establish strategic partnership with companies from Korea and other countries. Raise VC funds jointly and start risk investment jointly.

Public technical platform

Making full use of resources from both inside and outside of CHJ, cooperate with Shanghai R&D public service platform, Shanghai science & technology promoting committee, Shanghai technical fruits transferring service center and other units, introducing enterprises possessing expensive instruments and equipments or technical service capacities into the platform, guiding medium and small scale enterprises to utilize platform resources and strength interaction and feedback.

1984.11 founded as the Caohejing Microelectronic Industrial Zone

1985 CHJ Development Corp. established

1988.6 approved as a State-level Economic and Technological Development Zone

1991.3 approved as a State-level High-Tech Industrial Development Zone

2000 certified as APEC Technological Industrial Park

2003.3 approved as a National Export Processing Zone

2004.7 expanded to establish Pujiang Hi-Tech Park

2005.12 started the construction of Caohejing Modern Service Complex