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Technological Platform

I. Public services platform

Most enterprises in the Hi-tech Park are medium and small technological enterprises. Subject to the Imbalance of industry development, the development of modern service industry in Caohejing Hi-tech Park is lag to hi-tech industry development. The Caohejing Hi-tech Park use the excavation, the cultivation, introduces and unites some of the high quality specialized technical service business which serves for the high-tech industry development, While meets the enterprise demand, make the industrial structure of Caohejing Hi-tech Park perfect, expanded the proportion of the modern service industry in Caohejing Hi-tech Park industry.

According to the planning, the Caohejing Hi-tech Park will sufficiency use existing introduction service business as its foundation, will enlarge using society resources to create good environment for the enterprise serves, meanwhile, it will attract more specialized technical service business to enter the zone. Therefore the content of our professional service platform will including the human resources, the intellectual property rights, the financial management the investment and financing field which the high-tech enterprise will need, take the fund support, the market introduction and other kinds of way for establishment close cooperation relations with service business, In order to construct the variety regional specialized service system.

1. HR services platform

Include the Innovation Center Incubator expert consults network, human resources network of the Caohejing Hi-tech Park And introduced the Shanghai human resources exchange service center, the manager human resources company, the CDP and so on the specialized human resources service organization.

2. Training services platform

The Training center which belongs to the Innovation Center as the implementing agency, provides the training service to the Hi-tech Park and the enterprise of incubate, and the Shanghai intellectual property rights training center, the Bank of China training center, astronautics education center, the Sino-European institute, the broad & television information technology school, the Venus specialized-technical school, the software park training center, qiming software training center, the East China computer network training center, the Shanghai socialist & education test social service center, the new orient Hi-tech Park branch, the tyco clinical training center and so on, these training organization has established the cooperation relations with the Training center.

3. Investment & equity trading services platform

This platform contained the service of equity trading for the enterprise by the bank, the venture capital company and the guaranty company, and the well-known venture capital company in domestic including Softbank, IDG, lenovo investment and the like, the financial institution including ICBC, Shanghai bank, Bank of China and so on.

4. Intermediary services platform

Including the various intermediary service organizations which involve the human resources, the law, the financial control, exhibitions and so on, then recommends the appropriate organization to the enterprise.

II equipment services platform

In order to save the expenditure of purchase large-scale equipment for small and medium-sized enterprise, the Hi-tech Park consults with the enterprise and the research institute which has the large-scale equipment, and constructs “Hi-tech Park equipment sharing” platform together.

Meanwhile, in order to make our platform to play the role effectively, the Hi-tech Park cooperate with Shanghai Research and Develop Public Service Platform (, the purpose is paying attention to the science and technology information needs of the enterprise sincerely, use the resources service of Shanghai R&D Public Service Platform for the caohejing Hi-tech Park, and this science and technology resources will provide the powerful support for enterprise's independent innovation, also will promote the communication and the interaction of the enterprise where in the Hi-tech Park.

Anovo Co,Ltd

Anovo Co,Ltd, established in 1996 with headquarter in caohejing ,Shanghai ,China, a leading IPC and embedded computing manufacturer, Become supplier of many well-known computer manufacturer and System Integrations Group in domestic and abroad.

Shanghai institute of laser technology

Shanghai institute of laser technology, established in 1970, the specialized scientific research unit which is engaged in the laser, the optoelectronic technology application development research, the product manufacture and the technical service, hold the intellectual property rights in core technologies field.

China Electronic Technology Group 32th research institute (STL)

China Electronic Technology Group 32th research institute (STL), established in 1958, is one of the computer science and technical research institutes which establishes most early in our country. For more than 40 years, it had developed the megacomputesr and medium computers and he military computer, also win numbers of the award in Chinese computer develops field, it has made the remarkable contribution to the national defense development and the national economy development.

Shanghai institute of measures test?

Shanghai institute of measures tests the national legal measurement test organization by Shanghai government establishes according the legal, also to set up “the East China measurement test center” and “the Chinese Shanghai test center” of the National Technical department is approve by the Measurement Administrative department of State Council.

Shanghai Institute of Micro system and Information Technology (SIMIT)

Shanghai Institute of Micro system and Information Technology (SIMIT) is under the Chinese Academy of Science, which is focus on the information micro system technology research and development. SIMIT is now concentrating on integrated micro-optic electro-mechanical systems, communication technological systems, functional materials and devices for informatics, biological chip, as well as micro and new energy technology.

III IPR services platforms

According the file of "About Formulates National economy And Society Develops 11th Five Year Plan Suggestion by the Central Committee of the CCP" and convention of science and technology, take protect intellectual property rights and encourage independently innovates as the principal thing is the intellectual property rights strategy which had already became significant work for promote development of the China national economy as well as the science and technology.

The caohejing Hi-tech Park base on the four industries include the electronic information, the biological medicine, the aerospace, the new material and the numbers of technical advanced research and development organization锛宨t had formed good surroundings of intellectual property rights. Enterprises of the park had knows importance in intellectual property rights particular in patent, also accumulated the good experience in protect intellectual property rights. in present stage, intellectual property rights of the enterprises where in the caohejing Hi-tech Park had the characteristic of good quality, grew quickly, good economic efficiency and so on, but still faced to the restricted conditions about independent innovation ability insufficiency of domestic capital enterprise, poor with the intellectual property rights protection and be short of the high quality professional service organization and so on.

Therefore, the caohejing Hi-tech Park devote resources and the system superiority, use the resources of society intellectual property rights such as Shanghai intellectual property rights service center, for construct the Hi-tech Park intellectual property rights service platform. the purpose of this platform is advancement intellectual property rights development by introduction professional service organization in intellectual property rights, developing intellectual property rights training in the park, exchange the enterprise intellectual property rights by work and many kinds of ways, finally, the enterprise will become independent innovation and creation the intellectual property rights, so it can promote Hi-tech Park’s technical standard, arrangement the industrial organization and the growth of total economic output.

Service resources

1. Professional service organization introduction

a. Shanghai intellectual property rights service center

b. Shanghai Bureau of Intellectual property rights

c. patent trademark office Shanghai

d. Shanghai agent organization tabulates

2. Patent retrieval resources

a. Chinese and foreign patent database service platform

i. The country intellectual property rights bureau intellectual property rights publishing house sponsors

d. Shanghai agent organization tabulates

ii. Country Intellectual property rights Bureau patent retrieval

iii. Shanghai intellectual property rights information platform patent retrieval

1984.11 founded as the Caohejing Microelectronic Industrial Zone

1985 CHJ Development Corp. established

1988.6 approved as a State-level Economic and Technological Development Zone

1991.3 approved as a State-level High-Tech Industrial Development Zone

2000 certified as APEC Technological Industrial Park

2003.3 approved as a National Export Processing Zone

2004.7 expanded to establish Pujiang Hi-Tech Park

2005.12 started the construction of Caohejing Modern Service Complex